About Berringa

At Berringa we make no apology for our obsession with honey! We’ve spent over 25 years developing our reputation as suppliers of premium Manuka and Eucalyptus honey to Australian and overseas customers, led on our quest to offer the best honey there is by our founder, Peter Woodward (who has a passion for honey and a fascination for bees).

In an earlier career, Peter worked with the Biological Farmers of Australia (now the Australian Certified Organic organisation), certifying Australian Eucalypt honey and later on, he was involved in writing Australian Honey Standards. Over time he developed more and more interest in how, through careful management, the delivery of consistently high quality honey could be assured.
So it was natural that Peter would eventually gravitate to starting a business focused on supplying superior quality honey.

Today Berringa is known the world over for Worldclass medical grade honey, as well as superior honey products for industry (for example, Berringa supply honey used in major cosmetic brands).
Naturally Berringa also has a range of 100% Australian healthy, delicious Berringa Manuka and Eucalyptus honey for everyday consumption.

When you see the name Berringa it’s your guarantee of honey that is only sourced from Australian hives and that has no artificial additives, colour or flavours.

Berringa only works with specially selected Apiarists from around Australia who meet exacting quality standards.
To see where our honey comes from, here is a link to our Beekeepers map.

Berringa’s commitment to superior honey has also seen a significant involvement in working with Universities around the world, to further a better understanding of the medicinal/health related properties of Berringa Super Manuka honey.
Some of that work is referenced on this website and as a result of Berringa’s pioneering work with credible authorities in the medical field, high grade Berringa Super Manuka honey is now used increasingly and widely by medical professionals in specialist wound and burn care as well as for other skincare uses.

Berringa has also been credited in having achieved the accolade of the World’s highest grade of Super Manuka honey, as measured by Methylglyoxal (MGO) levels.

Our Commitment to Quality

Berringa’s consistent high quality is no accident.
Not only do we work closely with selected expert Australian apiarists, the production and commercial team at Berringa also includes farming and beekeeping specialists who help ensure the honey is kept in the right conditions from hive to customer.
Berringa has a well resourced and managed facility near Melbourne in Victoria where the honey is carefully stored and bottled.
We’re fastidious about Quality Control and and have a number of relevant industry accreditations that are your reassurance that the name Berringa on honey means products that are high quality and sustainably farmed – as well as being 100% Australian.

All products in the Berringa range are 100% natural.
Furthermore our honey has not been irradiated.

Many of our products are also Australian Certified Organic and proudly carry the ACO symbol.
We’re also members of the B Safe community, demonstrating our commitment to safe food handling.

We choose the Apiarists we work with very carefully. We have a range of stringent and standardised requirements that all our Apiarists must meet and adhere to over time.
Those standards are important for the quality of honey we provide, but also important for the beekeepers, the bees and farming sustainability.

Visit the following pages to find out more about Berringa Super Manuka Honey or our Eucalyptus honey range. If you are ready to purchase, you can go straight to the online shop and browse through the products. There are detailed product descriptions to help you choose the right one just for you.