New Honeycomb Pack

OK, strictly speaking this is not ‘new’, but the packs have been slightly re-designed and it’s a great opportunity to remind people that you can buy this fantastic raw honey/honeycomb pack.
It’s ideal for a small gift.
Just imagine the pleasure you’ll bring when you give someone this as a present, what could be sweeter!

BEH137_RAW Eucalyptus_2015_1kg_WRGB

Berringa Raw (Eucalytpus) Honey New 1kg Jar

Berringa’s delicious Raw (Eucalytpus) Honey is now available in a new 1kg jar, for those of us who hate to run out (and let’s face it, it’s very disappointing to
look forward to some of your favourite honey, only to find a near empty jar in the cupboard).
To find out where to buy this new pack, […]